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Restaurant & Pizzeria in Taganga

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Visit our Restaurant & Pizzeria in Taganga and step inside our cozy dining area or enjoy the breeze in our charming outside enclosed area.

From traditional Colombian dishes to European classics reimagined with a South American twist, each dish in our menu is crafted with care and expertise.

Whether you are craving the warmth of Colombian hospitality or the sophistication of European cuisine, our restaurant promises a memorable dining experience that celebrates the best of Ambos Mundos.

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Our guests favourites include Patacón con Carne, Pasta alla Parmesana and Musaka, besides, of course, our renowned Pizzas.

Our Restaurant in Pictures

Quoting the ancient Roman gourmand Apicius: “We eat first with our eyes”.

Discover the elegant atmosphere and culinary delights of our Restaurant & Pizzeria in Taganga through our gallery. See the photos of our delicious dishes, cozy dining areas, and the peaceful surroundings that make dining with us a unique experience.